The innovators behind Royal Coils are Simone and Yanique Hylton. Two sisters and powerful business women who together have built the natural hair care industry in South Florida. Simone and Trudy were born on the island of Jamaica and raised in New York. Recognizing a need in the community the two entrepreneurial sisters relocated to Florida to begin setting trends naturally and formed the first and best natural hair care salon in South Florida.


Simone, known as the creative visionary and Trudy, the business savvy executive together have built an amazing brand (Natural TrendSetters) that is recognized worldwide for optimal service and top notch skill combined with unparalleled creativity. In the realm of hair care and keeping hair strong and beautiful, Natural TrendSetters has become a driving force and proven trendsetter in the industry. As one of the first commission based black operations on the market they continue to make their mark on the industry. Building operations and creative techniques these sisters have built a seamless operation that has set the standard as well as raised the bar in the hair care industry for over 21 years and counting.

Natural TrendSetters is acclaimed for their power house Hair showcases and numerous recognitions in National magazines.

In addition, the Hylton sisters have put together The Royal Coils Annual Hair Expo that raises money for numerous local and national charities and provides the community with cultural awareness. These events also widen and alert attendees to various hair options and textures available to them through our unique consultation process. Natural Trend Setters has also created a unique and amazing training program aimed at exposing hair stylists to a growing unstoppable industry utilizing

polished and proven systems and styling techniques..


Expanding their brand and experience, Royal Coils Natural Hair Care was created, with a focus of creating a

healthy hair care system that heals, repairs, and strengthens your royal coils.