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This bundle is used together if your hair is dry, brittle and just not thriving and growing in certain areas or on a whole.


LEAVE-IN is a hair tonic. This product is full of herbs that provide nutrients to the hair and scalp. It can be used daily by misting the hair all over or concentrated in any problem areas present.


GROWTH OIL can be used on hair daily and or a few times a week depending on personal need or preference. This product moistuizes the scalp and hair as it penetrates and absorbs into hair and scalp. 


HAIR & SCALP BOOSTER is great for dry and itchy scalp as it penetrates and soothes irritated scalp areas. It's also a great hair dress for the hair. This should be applyed all over the scalp during styling and to special spot problem areas as needed.




Heal & Grow Bundle 3 pc

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