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Everyone’s hair texture is different but the OMG method is here for all the coils. From curly to kinky, the OMG method will help you manage and style your tresses. This method works with My Royal Coils products because all oils, mousses, and gels are not created equally.


Depending on your texture you would use these three products in different ways. 


Curly hair: On wet hair, apply Growth Oil by putting a small amount in the palm of your hand rubbing your hands together and rubbing it into your hair, either section by section or all over your head depending on the density of your hair.

Then, take the Mousse; pump a generous amount into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, and lather it on one section of the hair. Depending on your hair texture, comb through with a wide tooth comb, a detangling brush, or just your fingers to separate the curls. The coils should spring and curl with the moose. If your roots are a little puffy, apply Gel (especially to the hairline) to give a little more control on the curls at the root. If the roots are puffy throughout the hair apply the gel to the root in sections. If the curls are frizzing at the ends, apply a little gel to the frizzy tips for more control.


Kinky Hair: On wet hair, apply Growth Oil by putting a small amount in the palm of your hands and rubbing your hands together before applying to hair. Rub oil in the hair either section by section or all over the head, depending on the density of your hair. Then, put the Mousse in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and lather onto a section of the hair. Depending on your hair texture detangle with a wide tooth comb, a detangling brush or fingers. At this point you should see some definition forming. If it’s not, use your fingers and coil little sections of hair until you see the curls start springing back. If the coils are not springing back you can two-strand twist the hair in sections - size depends on your desired look.  If you find that your hair does not respond to the Mousse, add gel on each section before twisting or coiling. Air dry or sit under the dryer until dry and then separate twists and coils for a textured look.


Loc’d hair: Apply oil throughout your scalp in between your locs and massage it in to the scalp. Use a small amount in the palm of your hands, rub your hands together and apply oil to the length of your locs for moisture and shine. Then, lightly apply the Gel to the roots of your locs while re-twisting. Use the most on the length of your locs to roller twist or braid for a textured look on your locs. If you’re not going for a textrured look, use most at the hairline to give it a clean polish. You can tie it down with a drying strip or a scarf to hold in place. Allow hair to air dry or sit under a dryer to dry the style as desired. 


On dry hair:  Apply Oil to scalp and massage through out scalp and hair; brush through if hair is thick.  On small sections apply Mousse when creating twists, coils or braids. Add gel to the ends of the twists for stronger hold. This technique will leave your twists or braid outs bouncy with little shrinkage.  For a tighter more textured look and if you feel like your hair needs a heavier produce use the Gel to achieve twists or braid outs and use Mousse on the ends to create texture! Will take longer to dry but the look will be full of texture. 


Regardless of your texture or how you use this method every one will look at your hair and say Oh My God your hair looks Fantastic!!!

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