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Cleansing, detoxifying, nourishing. The healing is in the tingle! This refreshing shampoo is made from carbon (a derivitave of activated charcoal), which effectively detoxifies your hair and scalp. Our special blend also moisturizes while nourishing the scalp. This invigorating shampoo is an awesome start for your hair care. 


This conditioner helps penetrate the scalp and hair cuticles for ultimate moisture. Formulated with mint, this refreshing conditioner reduces dandruff, itchy scalp, and hair loss. Our conditioner  stimulates blood circulation to the scalp - allowing the hair to receive nutrients, faciliatating hair growth. Use every 2-3 weeks as a part of your regular hair care routine. It also makes an excellent deep conditioner - just add heat with a cap and allow it to penetrate even deeper. A little goes a long way. 


Mint To Clean & Moisturize Combo 2 pc