Royal Coils Stimulating Growth Package includes Royal Coils Leave-In Hair & Scalp Conditioner, Abundant Life Growth Oil and Hair & Scalp Booster.


Royal Coils Leave-In Hair & Scalp Conditioner


This unique all natural formula consists of a blend of complex vitamins, minerals, rare herbs, essential oils, amino acids and exotic botanicals from around the world. This treatment thickens thinning hair, controls dandruff and slows hair loss. It strengthens hair damaged by over-processing, relaxer and any heat damaged hair.


Royal Coils Abundant Life Growth Oil


Our oil promotes growh, thickens tresses and restores moisture to the hair and scalp.


Royal Coils Hair & Scalp Booster


Our unique formula is a blend of vitamins, minerals and essential oils from around the world and promotes healthy hair growth.

Mint To Clean & Moisturize Combo 2 pc

  • Carbon Detox Mint Shampoo

    wet hair thoroughly. Put shampoo in the palm of your hands rub your hand together and rub the shampoo on the hair starting at the scalp first. Massage into hair until lather builds! Rinse and repeat. The second shampoo should lather better than the first. If you don’t get a good lather the second time you might need one more wash. Avoid getting shampoo into eyes. If you do get it into your eyes flush with water. 

    Moisture Mint Conditioner

    Pour conditioner into your palm rub your hands together and apply to the hair root. Massage thru out the hair. Let it sit for 3 to Five minutes then rinse- can be used as a deep condition under a cap or a steamer as well for deep penetration condition